Rescue of animals Lizard rescued in New Town

A monitor lizard that got stuck in the space between two concrete blocks in the middle bulkhead of New Town’s Action Zone II was rescued on Monday.

A group of locals spotted the lizard desperately trying to make space in the divider and formed a protective ring around the animal to prevent anyone from harming it.

At first bewildered, the locals decided to stand in front of the breach as passers-by on bicycles had stopped and some even attempted to throw stones and sticks at the lizard.

New Town resident Maurya Sen, who first saw a monitor lizard outside a zoo, said she realized the animal was in danger of being killed and decided to ask help from other people.

“I was very scared when I saw the monitor lizard. But then I realized he was in danger of being killed and decided to step in and prevent anyone from approaching him or throwing anything at him. To make sure we have to form a ring around the monitor lizard, ”Sen said.

Another resident alerted Samaresh Das, a member of the New Town Forum and News, an association of residents of the town.

Das in turn called the Forestry Department’s Wildlife Rescue and Transit Center in Baisakhi, Salt Lake, and asked for their help.

“As soon as I got the call I alerted the forest service and they sent a team,” Das said.

After receiving the alert, officials at the rescue center called Sen and asked him to tell him the exact location where the monitor was trapped.

“Our team arrived on site within 30 minutes of receiving the call,” said the manager.

The animal had become aggressive in self-defense because there were people all around.

“We rescued the lizard with a stick and took it to the Wildlife Rescue and Transit Center, where a vet examined it,” the official said.

“He was exhausted. We will keep it under observation for a while before releasing it into the wild.

Residents of the area, however, said they were surprised to spot the monitor lizard as there are no bodies of water in the area and the stretch is quite busy as a mall and a number of stores. are nearby.

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