Rescue worker shot dead after fight between rival volunteer groups in Bangkok

A volunteer rescuer has died after being shot in the chest in a street fight that broke out between two rival volunteer foundations in Bangkok on Sunday.

Thonglor Police Station officers investigated Kasam Rat Road outside the Rama 4 branch of Lotus in Bangkok yesterday after receiving a report of a fight between two volunteer rescue teams – the Poh Teck Tung Foundation and the Siam Ruam Jai Foundation. A rescue worker was reportedly shot at the scene and later died in a hospital.

According to the report on Khaosod, the scene of the fight was a six-lane road, which was full of bricks and broken bottle glass after the fight between the volunteers of the two foundations. At a gate in the middle of the street, officers found a Poh Teck Tung Foundation rescuer who had been shot in the chest and was lying there in serious condition. The victim was sent to a nearby hospital, but he was unable to get there.

The other four rescuers from the Poh Teck Tung Foundation were also sent to hospital, after being injured by bricks and glass bottles.

More than 50 Poh Teck Tung volunteers were believed to still be at the scene when police arrived, but members of Siam Ruam Jai had already fled. Poh Teck Tung team leader Somboon Kwan-aum later shared in an interview with Thai media that they were arguing over the boundaries of work in the Thonglor area. He said some of the naysayers were his former colleagues who were said to have been fired before February this year for establishing themselves as influential people who got too much out of working as lifeguards.

Of the 70 officers believed to have been fired, Somboon said some of them had joined rival foundation Siam Ruam Jai and opened a new lifeboat station on the same border. They had had several minor conflicts before the deadly brawl broke out.

The team leader said the Poh Teck Tung Foundation at Thonglor Rescue Station had received false accident reports four times through their hotline. His team found the Siam Ruam Jai team at the location reported on the phone on the 4th call, so they went to ask them for more details as they found no accidents there. After that, they argued and it turned into a fight.

The Poh Teck Tung team insisted they were first attacked with bricks, glass bottles and guns. They said they would like to apologize to residents for what happened that night and for blocking traffic. The team also said they want the Siam Ruam Jai Foundation shooter to turn himself in to police as soon as possible.

THE SOURCE: Khaosod | Channel 7

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