Residents protest move of pop-up pantry from Detroit’s New Center Plaza apartments

DETROIT – For almost three years now, Metro Food Rescue has partnered with the Seward Sharing Table.

“Lunchtime is coming and it’s always a good place to eat something. I don’t think they should remove it. It should be something we already have,” one supporter said.

The groups saved and redistributed food in the area of ​​the new center. But one of the most recent deliveries was stopped out of nowhere.

“When we came to deliver on Thursday, management was pestering them to move the table,” said Chad Techner, executive director of Metro Food Rescue.

Apparently an agreement has been made for the location to remain to be distributed for food so that it is not wasted. That is until a new management company comes into play.

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“If he didn’t want this table here in this place, he should have told us,” volunteer Mr Lewis Bass said.

“The biggest thing I see is a lot of young women with kids – they really need it,” resident Bobby Smith said.

The hope is that some kind of common ground can be found. Many seniors, like Bobby Smith, depend on food at a time when inflation has made healthy shopping extremely difficult.

“Really, much more difficult because everything has increased. Everything costs a lot more. It’s just down the street. It’s so convenient,” Smith said.

Continental Managementthe company that owns New Center Square says they’re not asking for the sharing table to be removed altogether, they just want it moved across the street.

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The volunteers still insist that the table not be moved at all.

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