Saginaw County Animal Care and Control discontinues admission due to overcrowding

SAGINAW, MI – Saginaw County Animal Care and Control has temporarily stopped welcoming cats and dogs, due to the capacity of the shelter.

“Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming abundance of stray dogs and cats brought to us, as well as those left abandoned throughout the county, we are temporarily closed for hospitality,” the agency published. on his Facebook page on the morning of Saturday, September 18. .

According to the recommendations of the Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development, the agency located at 1312 Gratiot Ave. should house a maximum of 90 dogs and 32 cats. Currently, the shelter has 135 dogs and 100 cats. Additionally, the shelter has 20 dogs and 12 cats on its welcome list, manager Bonnie Kanicki said.

“The stray dogs are coming all the time,” Kanicki said. “We found four mother bitches in two days in the South County area who were still lactating and who appear to have given birth to puppies in the recent past.”

Duty officers average about 30 calls per weekend, Kanicki said.

Cat adoptions are also temporarily on hiatus as staff work to contain a disease circulating among the felines, Kanicki said. She added that she hopes to resume cat adoptions in about a week.

“We are working diligently on a daily basis to mitigate this circumstance in order to open as quickly as possible,” the agency continued in its Facebook post. “The extreme influx of abandoned, sick, injured, homeless, helpless wanderers (many pregnant women) has been an extreme challenge. Their needs are great.

Kanicki pointed out that even though the shelter is full, the animals are well cared for.

The agency works with local and national rescue organizations to move dogs and cats. A “$ 100 off sale” is also underway for dog adoptions. As part of the sale, dog adoptions are $ 25, which includes spaying, vaccinations and microchipping, Kanicki said.

In mid-October, construction of a massive $ 8.5 million shelter is due to begin in Kochville Township. It should be three times the size of the current installation.

Those interested in volunteering or hosting can submit an application via the agency’s Facebook page. Donations of food, toys and bedding are also accepted and appreciated.

“Thank you for your support as we go through these very long, busy and difficult days ahead,” the agency said on Facebook.

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