Send charitable donations to the causes of MS and animal sanctuaries

Convey Law donated vital funds to help two charities, the MS Society and Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales after raising thousands of pounds through the innovative Conveyancing Foundation Lotto.

The two charities each received £ 1,000 after being nominated by staff at Convey Law, whose clients raised funds by participating in the Foundation’s Charity Lotto.

Jess Smith, Director of Operations at Convey Law, named the MS Society after personally experiencing multiple sclerosis (MS) while caring for his father.

She explained:

“The company and the vital work they do are close to my heart because my father has suffered from MS for 10 years and I have witnessed first-hand the remarkable work of the company.

“They work around the clock to support those recently diagnosed and those living with MS. Their long-term goals are to help people live well with MS, to connect people and make sure their voices are heard, and to work to find effective treatments and to prevent / cure MS.

“They ensure that people with MS have sufficient social protection and support to lead independent lives, ensure that people with MS receive appropriate disability benefits, and ensure that all people with MS have access to the right treatment, regardless of their situation or history. They are also funding pioneering research into MS treatments and cures, having invested more than £ 227 million since 1953. “

She added:

“I can honestly say that the funds donated by Convey Law of Charity Lotto will make a real difference in the lives of those affected.”

An estimated 110,000 people in the UK are living with MS and 5,200 people are diagnosed with the disease each year.

Convey Law also donated £ 1,000 to a unique animal rescue center in Wales, Many Tears.

Many Animal Rescue Tears in Carmarthenshire primarily accommodate former breeding dogs that are no longer needed, as well as dogs on ‘death row’ in pounds and those whose owners can no longer care for them.

The center, which welcomes more than 3,000 dogs a year, was appointed by Rebecca Johnson, who works as a conveyor at Convey Law.

Animal lover Rebecca said she has admired the center for a few years since she started visiting and following them on Facebook.

She said:

“Their facilities are amazing and always clean and the dogs are happy and healthy. I would save them all if I could!

“When I had the chance to name a charity for a donation, I immediately thought of them because it is a relatively small charity and they need every penny they can get to be able to continue to save dogs and find them homes.

“They are amazing and work so hard to find foster homes and permanent homes for dogs across the UK.”

The association is in urgent need of funding for veterinary and rehousing costs, as it has grown rapidly since its founding in 2004.

MTAR spokesperson Jenna Chung noted:

“With the help of our staff, foster families and other volunteers, we provide a special and loving environment to help all of our dogs adjust and find new, permanent and loving homes. All potential adopters are screened and homes checked and we do our best to find the right home for each dog.

“All of our dogs are sterilized, microchipped, inoculated and dewormed, but on top of that we see many dogs in need of specialist veterinary care.

“Some of the most common problems we encounter are dogs that come here with eye and heart problems, as well as those with liver shunts and joint problems. Any necessary treatment is funded by rescue donations which allow us to provide each dog with the specialized care they need.

“The rescue has grown significantly since it opened and it has been so difficult to continue during the pandemic with all of our planned fundraisers due to be canceled, so donations like this are essential for us to continue and we are so grateful. . “

Convey Law is one of a growing number of companies raising money for charity through the Conveyancing Foundation Charity Lotto, where clients of any law firm or property company can make a voluntary donation of £ 10 upon completion. of their transaction, giving them a chance to win £ 500 in a monthly draw.

Managing Director Lloyd Davies Explain :

“Charitable donations are very important to us as a business and asking staff to nominate charities is a great way for them to benefit from the funds they have helped raise by allowing them to choose charities that they want. hold dear. “

Georgia Davies of the Conveyancing Foundation said the Lotto has helped businesses raise more than £ 800,000 for selected charities over the past decade.

She explained:

“We can help any law firm or real estate company raise funds through Charity Lotto. It’s a simple mechanism where customers can voluntarily donate £ 10 at the end of their transaction, giving them a chance to win £ 500 in a monthly draw.

She added:

“I am delighted to see that some of the funds raised by Convey Law clients go to deserving charities such as the MS Society and Many Tears Animal Rescue.

“We are very keen to help others raise funds for their own charities through our Charity Lotto, so please do not hesitate to contact us.”

The Conveyancing Foundation can be contacted for more information on setting up a charity lotto at [email protected] or 01633 261794.

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