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The Solomons Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department (SVRSFD) is seeking your input and support regarding a possible relocation of our facilities. Since the establishment of the Rescue Squad in 1954, the need for our services has grown.

We were first parked in a small garage on Solomons Island and then moved to a location at the north end of Solomons near Holiday Drive. In the late 1970s land was donated at Dowell Road to build a larger station (our present) due to the huge increase in call volume.

In a joint effort with the Calvert County Board of Commissioners and the Calvert County Department of Public Safety, we are considering moving the SVRSFD to a more centralized location in our catchment area, to better serve our community.

The potential move would move SVRSFD approximately 1.5 miles north on HG Trueman Road towards downtown Lusby.

Our current area of ​​responsibility covers 29 square miles and covers the Calvert, St Mary’s and Charles County coastline as well as the Eastern Seaboard and we currently serve 21,398 citizens according to the 2010 census, which is the most recent data available.

In April 2014, the Calvert County government hired a third party company – Edmeades & Stromdahl, Ltd. – to review our existing facilities. The report, titled “Calvert County Fire Rescue EMS Department Survey,” noted in Section II.C.4 that the long-term recommendations for our facilities should be combined under one roof and centrally located. our area of ​​intervention. SVRSFD is planning a new facility in the coming years to plan for future growth.

Based on statistics provided by the Calvert County Fire-Rescue-EMS Division, moving the station to a more central location will bring us closer to the majority of our call volume. The move would have a minimal effect on response time to Solomons from the proposed new location, response time to Solomons would increase by a minute or less.

Currently, SVRSFD has two facilities: the main station is located at 13150 HG Trueman Road, Solomons, MD and the annex is located at 11430 Little Cove Point Road, Lusby MD. Two stations are required to meet current ISO (Insurance Services Office) ratings. An ISO fire rating is a score provided to fire departments and insurance companies by the Bureau of Insurance Services. The ISO score reflects the fire preparedness of the community and can affect an individual’s insurance. Part of the ISO standards state that the facility must be within 5 miles of its catchment area.

In 2020, there were 11,513 emergency incidents in Calvert County. The SVRSFD was responsible for 3,066 of these emergency responses, or 26.6% of the total emergency responses in Calvert County.

For the past 10 years, SVRSFD has been the busiest combined (EMS/Fire) company in Calvert County. Of the 3,066 calls, 67% of these emergency responses took place in the Lusby area, confirming the need for our facility to be located more centrally in our response area.

Over the past 3 years over 1,000 homes have been added to the Lusby area, with more planned in the future. Public awareness starts with our direct mail and will be followed by meetings with homeowner associations, business associations and this town hall. The SVRSFD and our members would like to thank you in advance for our valuable input and support. We are truly “PROUD TO SERVE VOLUNTEERS”.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Refreshments will be offered. The event will also be broadcast live.

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