Syrian artisans create national heritage conservation and rescue project – Prensa Latina

“This is a comprehensive cultural development project to save crafts, because it is an important aspect of Syrian cultural identity,” Adnan Tanbakji, secretary of the Association, told Prensa Latina. for the rescue and protection of popular heritage in Syria.

He explained that the “incubator” was created in the facilities of the old glass factory, which had been abandoned for 20 years, in the Dumar district on the outskirts of Damascus, and includes spaces for 36 trades including brocade. , agbani, silk, mosaic, gold and pottery, among others.

The Center has also become the permanent seat of some 38 Sheik Kar – the old name given to the most experienced master craftsmen in their profession – and hosts classes for children and young people to transfer skills and ensure continuity. from these professions to future generations, Tanbekji added.

It is an educational complex and there is a great demand to learn various trades to save them from extinction and develop them through the exchange of experiences, he said.

According to the executive director of the Incubator and winner of the National Creativity Award, Luay Shako, the objectives also go beyond the preservation of heritage and aim to contribute to social security through the rehabilitation of the workforce. artwork.

“We organize training courses for relatives of martyrs and war wounded as well as for people with special needs. (…) Each course lasts five weeks and at the end of it the graduate receives a certificate from the General Union of Craftsmen; in addition, they are offered employment opportunities and even support to set up their small workshops, ”Shako said.

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