Teamwork saves a stranded beagle – and a groundhog at the same time

FAYETTE CO. – Aid workers from the Fayette Regional Humane Society (FRHS) recently received a call from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center about a dog stuck in a waste pipe.

While two Suburban Propane employees were driving on Moon Evans Road in northwest Fayette County, they found a stray beagle dog by the side of the road. When they stopped to check for an identification tag on the dog, the men heard the sounds of another dog barking inside a waste pipe in a ditch and called help.

FRHS aid workers, along with dog guards at the Fayette County Dog Shelter, responded last Monday and found a beagle stuck inside the drainpipe with a groundhog, and the two animals were nosed. to nose. While the groundhog was able to move around, the dog was going through a difficult time.

“The pipe was approximately 120 feet long and the two animals were approximately 10 feet from the opening, making it difficult for our snare devices to reach the length needed to remove them,” said Brad Adams, humanitarian worker. chief of the FRHS.

Aid workers and dog keepers were unsure how long the dog had been in the hose without access to water or if the dog had any injuries, and without the equipment to remove the dog, they began to call other services for further assistance.

“While Dog Warden (Nelson) Prater was on the phone with the Engineer’s (Fayette County) office, I was on the phone with Jefferson Township Fire and EMS asking for help,” Adams said.

Soon after, members of the Jefferson Township Fire and EMS, the Engineer’s Office and the Township arrived in a team effort to help. Center Pizza, after hearing about the rescue, provided pizza to the crew.

“I can’t thank all the men and women (enough) of the fire and EMS as well as the guys from the engineering office and the township for stepping in to help. The rescue wouldn’t have been as successful or quick without everyone involved and, because the guys at Suburban Propane were caring enough to stop and check on a dog on the loose, they were also instrumental in being the voice. of an animal in need. Adams said.

As for the groundhog, it appeared to be unharmed and it was determined that it could easily get out when it no longer felt threatened by all the people and noise. The dog did not appear to be in distress and was returned to its owner.

The Fayette Regional Humane Society is a voluntary, non-profit (501 (c) (3) organization. It relies on donations, grants and fundraising to carry out its mission. The Humane Society is the only organization in the Fayette County able to answer calls about abused, neglected and injured pets, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To learn more about the Fayette Regional Humane Society, visit their website at

Around noon on Monday, this beagle was rescued after being stuck in a waste pipe.

It took several hands and tools to try to get the dog out of the drain pipe where he was about 10 feet away, along with a groundhog.

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