This Banksy sold his paintings online, helped raise £500 for charity

Paintings of a rescue dog named after graffiti artist Banksy have been auctioned off by an animal rescue center in Bristol, UK to raise money for charity and also help the dog to find a home.

During the online auction held on February 7, 2022, seven of Banksy the dog’s paintings were sold and fetched nearly 498 pounds (around Rs 50,000) and will go to the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre. The highest bid of 120 pounds (around Rs 12,000) went for a painting titled “Good Panda”.

The dog uses its nose and paws to create artwork and its paintings mimic the art made by graffiti artist Banksy.

The Bristol Animal Rescue Centre, which has been around for over 130 years, has cared for Banksy since August last year. The centre’s website describes him as a “misunderstood dog with lots of potential” and “a cheeky personality who is sure to make you laugh, and he loves nothing more than playing with his caregivers and having fun”.

Gina Jones, the center’s communications manager, hoped the dog would soon find its forever home. In a statement given to the BBC, she said: ‘We have had a few expressions of interest and we are still going through the adoption process with everyone. Obviously we are checking for everyone who applies that this is a suitable home for them and we really hope that we find someone great and bring them home forever.

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