This Maldives resort features a turtle rescue center, outdoor sauna and a marine paradise of tropical fish and coral

A chain of 26 coral atolls just south of India is home to nearly 1,200 small islands where around 200 are inhabited. It might surprise you to know that there are no rivers or hills in the Maldives, the flattest country in the world, however, there is rich marine life. On a clear day you can put your face in the water, snorkel around the coral reefs and most certainly spot a diversity of marine life. And, with pure white sand made of coralline rather than quartz, it’s easy to see why this country is considered one of the most beautiful beach destinations on the planet.

Savvy travelers expect to experience luxurious overwater villa accommodations, along with superior hospitality, when visiting the islands and award-winning Coconut tree Dhuni Kolhu pound—by the shovel. This forward-thinking resort is peaceful and well-designed, with signature Coco Collection touches seamlessly woven throughout.

Sleep, rest, recharge

Choose from a variety of accommodations, staying perhaps two or three nights inside the island and a night or two in one of the sumptuous overwater bungalows. The private Ocean Front Villas, Beach Villas and Sunset Beach Villas (this category offers the best view on the west coast of the island) are all nestled in a green landscape, with an exclusive garden and a terrace to relax. The luxury villa includes a private freshwater plunge pool. With a traditional Maldivian design, each villa has a thatched roof and beautiful wooden trellises, which complement the white stone walls.

A stay in a Lagoon Villa, rising above the ocean, offers travelers breathtaking views of the verdant island and the sea. . Treat yourself to an intimate and personal hearing experience. Each villa has a private paddling pool and an outdoor seating area on the terrace. The Instagram-worthy promenade and stunning villas, with the water below, are just what you imagined when dreaming of a Maldives vacation.

For the ultimate luxury experience, book a stay at the Sunset Lagoon Villa, the property’s most extravagant accommodation. From a spacious bedroom and unique furnishings to Maldivian art, a luxury bathroom and a private terrace with plunge pool, this is the perfect place to watch the sunset and enjoy privacy. .

Dine, drink, be merry

Many travelers connect with others through food; dining options at this resort are no different. Traditional delicacies, created with natural ingredients, are served by some of the warmest and most welcoming people you will ever meet. The Cowrie Restaurant offers various dining stations, while the Cornus Restaurant offers island flavors, grilled fish and meat, and Thai specialties. Conch Bar is a fun spot for cocktails, beer, wine, and late-night bites. The Beach Bar, where cocktails and mocktails are served all day, is positioned on the sand, serving those playing in the water and relaxing outside.

Explore the Island: Spa, Snorkel, Sand

A visit to the Coco Spa should definitely be added to your itinerary. Treatments inspired by Indonesia, Thailand and India will aid recreation and mindfulness. Ayurvedic style products are used to restore balance to your skin and senses. For something new, create an edible face mask with natural ingredients. Afterwards, enjoy a hot tea or infused water while taking the time to enjoy the landscape outside before heading to the brand new sauna.

Baa Atoll is home to a rich diversity of marine life, full of tropical fish and vibrant corals. Snorkel or dive and experience a day on the water. Or, if you prefer, plan a trip to the sea with windsurfing, water skiing or catamaran sailing possibilities. Guided snorkeling with a marine biologist, where you can learn about the resort’s marine life and ecological efforts, is also available.

For exclusive experiences, perhaps to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or life in general, book: a candlelit dinner for two, a Maldivian cooking class with a local chef, a private sunrise yoga class, a sunrise breakfast on the beach, a morning fishing excursion, afternoon tea in the Maldives, a private sunset cruise or even an overnight adventure on an uninhabited island.

Learn from turtles

Committed to conservation and keeping the environment safe and clean for generations to come, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu works hard to protect endangered species. Through their partnership with the Olive Ridley Project, conservation efforts are in place to protect sea turtles and other marine life. Visit the resort’s on-site rescue center to learn more about how injured turtles are cared for and rehabilitated. Other projects include identification of manta rays and sea turtles, protection of sea turtle nests and a coral nursery program.

Baa Atoll, a fragile ecosystem, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The resort has an on-site drinking water production and bottling plant and only glass bottles are used on the property. Not only are items recycled wherever possible, but many of the fruits and vegetables that customers will see on their plates are grown in the garden.

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