Top 5 San Joaquins Get Federal Funding; The Lodi church case has been settled

The San Joaquin County Board of Directors voted Tuesday to approve millions of dollars in federal funding for early childhood support services; and to settle a Lodi church lawsuit over stay-at-home orders issued last year.

About $ 4.2 million for First 5 San Joaquin

The board of directors voted 5-0 to transfer millions of funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to First 5 San Joaquin, an organization that partners with the county to support programs in health, early education and d literacy for families with children up to five years old.

Programs to support parents of young children who may be struggling during the pandemic have received approximately $ 4.2 million.

“We know that due to COVID-19, with parents being stretched in many ways, anything we can do to help start the family is crucial,” said Lani Schiff-Ross, executive director of First 5.

The funding will be used to support initiatives including a program that helps connect families with young children with local dentists and a home visiting program that teaches parents about health, finance and literacy.

Yet another program that will be funded provides guidance for grandparents in caring for their grandchildren, Schiff-Ross said.

“We think grandchildren and grandparents are doing magic together. And that’s what we’re trying to capture,” she said.

About 44% of the $ 4.2 million will go to the home visiting program, 17% to the grandparents program and 15% to the dental program, Schiff-Ross said. The rest will go to other programs and administrative costs, she said.

“I strongly encourage people to reach out. It’s good to reach out, it’s good to ask for help. There are so many amazing services available to help support children and families.” , said Schiff-Ross.

Board of Trustees to Pay Lodi Church $ 100,000 to Settle Stay-at-Home Ordinance Case

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the board of directors voted to approve the settlement of a lawsuit that a church in Lodi has filed against the city, San Joaquin County and the State of California over the ordinances. home stay COVID-19.

Last year, Cross Culture Christian Church was cited for defying public health orders by organizing rallies at Bethel Open Bible Church, where Cross Culture is a tenant. The church then filed a complaint claiming that the stay-at-home orders violated its constitutional rights to freedom of expression, religion and assembly.

The county continues to dispute the church’s claims, but has agreed to pay $ 100,000 to settle its damages claims, according to a letter the county council office sent to the council. Council approved the settlement in a 5-0 consent vote.

State sends nurses to San Joaquin County as intensive care capacity shrinks

David Culberson, CEO of San Joaquin General Hospital, said the California Emergency Medical Services Authority will send at least 30 nurses to support the county due to its reduced intensive care capacity.

“We think the 30 additional nurses will go a long way,” Culberson said.

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