Two crocodiles rescued in the city of Vadodara

In separate incidents, forestry officials and volunteers rescued two crocodiles in the town of Vadodara on Tuesday. The Vadodara Forestry Department received the first call around 3 a.m. regarding the presence of an 8-foot-long crocodile inside a residential company on Rajmahal Road, while the Vadodara Society for the Prevention of animal cruelty (VSPCA) rescued another 5.5-foot-long reptile from Kalali.

The forestry department, along with rescue volunteer Jignesh Parmar, responded to the call from the residential settlement on Rajmahal Road, located near the Vishwamitri River. The forest service set up a cage inside the colony to trap the crocodile. Several hours after the start of the operation, the crocodile was trapped. The forest service will now release him to a safe place.

In Kalali, the SPCA and Wildlife SOS team, led by Raj Bhavsar, rescued the 5.5-foot-long crocodile after several hours of searching at a construction site. It had fallen into a pit, dug for construction work, and filled with rainwater. For nearly five hours, rescuers searched for the crocodile while slowly emptying the pit. As the water level dropped, they spotted the crocodile and grabbed it. The reptile was then returned to the forest service.

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