Warren May Seek Stormwater Solutions Using Rescue Plan Funds | Echoes Sentinel News

WARREN TWP. – Seemingly faced with few options, it looks like stormwater management will be the problem the township committee seeks to address with US bailout funding.

Officials examining how to possibly use the bailout funds provided an update at the city committee meeting on Thursday, November 18. No decision has been made.

The Options Research Group includes committee members Jolanta Maziarz and Michael ‘Mick’ Marion, as well as Township Administrator Mark Krane. In July, the governing body voted to participate in the pandemic recovery grants program. Warren is eligible for funding of $ 1,635,446.

“We’re not the only city struggling with how we’re going to use this money,” Maziarz said. She and Marion told their colleagues that the guidelines for the grant program seemed to be tailored for cities rather than more suburban areas like Warren Township.

Committee members expressed the same point of view in a prior public debate in August.

“There are very few ways to use the money that make sense to Warren,” Maziarz added.

Maziarz said she would attempt to discuss the changes to the grant criteria with Rep. Tom Malinowski, D-7, but was not optimistic the effort would be successful.

Krane said he has participated in seminars and discussions with officials elsewhere in New Jersey and that many are still looking to spend bailout funds and meet grant guidelines. At one point, Marion noted that cities will be audited to ensure all funds received are spent correctly.

“Nobody really came up to the point and said, ‘I think I’m spending the money on …” Krane said of other Garden State officials.

Stormwater control appears to be the issue Warren officials will attempt to address.

“We have a need for stormwater management,” Maziarz said. “It’s something we can spend money on.”

Krane said other cities are using engineers to develop stormwater-related bailout applications. “We are not the only ones thinking in this direction,” he said.

Maziarz said the state suggested cities work together to develop regional plans to address stormwater issues through the bailout.

“Water does not include your municipal limits,” she said.

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