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In this file photo, Salvador Contreras from Sacramento looks at a pair of red basketball shoes at a Goodwill. Read the bee’s guide to donating clothing.

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While Sacramentians may not have much need for bulky sweaters and chunky fluffy coats, the change of seasons has already brought cooler temperatures to the area. For some of us, that means taking stock of the items in our closets.

If you are eliminating items that don’t suit you or that no longer “bring joy”, keep the gift in mind.

While some shelters and donation locations are in need of new items, especially socks and underwear, there are several locations in the area that will accept items as new or slightly used.

Here’s what you need to know before donating and where you can donate in the Sacramento area:

What should I know before making a donation?

First of all, you need to make sure that the clothes are cleaned. Dry clean or wash all clothing before donating and try to treat stains if possible. Many places won’t take damaged or stained clothing, but Goodwill is one place that does: Goodwill can take items like ripped t-shirts and recycle them.

Then, remember not to donate used underwear. While many shelters need new underwear, with a few exceptions, used underwear is not acceptable. This usually includes swimwear.

Be sure to check your pockets when organizing your donation. You might find lost jewelry, cash, receipts, or even credit cards inside pants.

It is also recommended that you call ahead before showing up to make sure that a location is accepting donations and that your items match needs.

When making a donation, make sure the matching pairs are packaged together. It is also helpful to label the boxes, especially if you are donating clothes along with other items like housewares.

Where can I donate clothes in Sacramento?

Good will

1900, boulevard de l’Alhambra and various other places

Goodwill has multiple locations in the Sacramento area – all retail locations accept donations. You can call the head office at 916-395-9000 for any inquiries.

Salvation Army

10309 Folsom Blvd., Rancho Cordova and various Raley locations

The Salvation Army has several donation trailers throughout the area, many of which are parked at Raley’s grocery stores. You can find all the available locations online. The nearest Salvation Army thrift store and donation center is in Rancho Cordova, and you can contact the center by calling 916-362-6269.

Union Gospel Mission

400 Bannon Street, Sacramento

Union Gospel Mission needs a wide variety of clothing for men, women and children. The drop-off point is open daily, and according to the website, you must park in the driveway at the north entrance near three crosses. You can call Union Gospel Mission at 916-447-3268.


2401 Arden Way, Sacramento

WEAVE provides services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Sacramento County, and accepts clothing donations by appointment only at its WEAVEWorks Recycled Fashion location on Arden Way. You must call in advance at 916-643-4606 to make an appointment.

Where to give bras

Although many charities cannot take underwear, there are some specific charities where you can donate your bras. Here are some options where you can mail your bras.

Free the girls

This organization helps women who have been victims of sex trafficking to reintegrate into their communities. You can drop off five or fewer bras at various locations in the area, or you can ship any number of bras to Free The Girls, 1552 Pioneer Trail Chesterton, Indiana, 46304.

Bra recyclers

You can also send bras to The Bra Recyclers by filling out their online recycling form. Once done, you will receive a prepaid mailing label to send in your new or lightly used (and cleaned) bras, sports bras, mastectomy bras, or nursing bras.

Want to help refugees resettle in Sacramento?

Several organizations in the region are working to help refugees who are starting new lives in Sacramento, especially Afghan refugees after the Taliban took control of the country. Sacramento is home to one of the largest Afghan communities in the United States.

Groups like the International Rescue Committee, World Relief Sacramento, and the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services accept cash donations that you can send online. Lao Family Community Development maintains a wardrobe of donated items, especially clothing suitable for job interviews. They have two offices in Sacramento, which you can call at 916-393-7501 or 916-359-2788 to discuss donations.

While some of these organizations do accept clothing and household items, in many cases the easiest way to help is to donate so the organizations themselves can determine how to allocate resources as needed.

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This story was originally published October 27, 2021 10:32 a.m.

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