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Animal shelters in Louisville have reached capacity, prompting some to try to recruit more foster homes and even waive their adoption fees. What is behind this increase in the population of homeless pets? Are these pandemic puppies and kittens whose families no longer have time for them? Has there been a decrease in neutering and neutering, resulting in too many litters?

We dove into it this week on “In Conversation,” with folks from local animal rescue organizations. And we had a trainer on hand to answer your questions, in case your pet’s behavior makes you threaten to add their to the shelter list (we know you don’t think so).

There’s a lot going on in Louisville, and WFPL’s “In Conversation” with Rick Howlett gives people a platform to talk — both among themselves and with the wider community — about the biggest issues facing our city, our state and our region. Live at 11 a.m. every Friday on 89.3 WFPL. Dial 502-814-TALK to join the conversation.

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