Youghal RNLI comes to the rescue of a lone sailor after he fell overboard

Youghal RNLI volunteers came to the rescue of a lone sailor yesterday after he fell overboard from a yacht in the harbor.

The lifeboat was launched at 4:10 p.m. following reports that the sailor had been in trouble in the water.

The man had fallen overboard of the yacht while trying to free a rope that had caught around the 28-foot ship’s propeller.

The sailor managed to get back on board the yacht where he then sounded the alarm.

The lifeboat arrived at the scene to find crews from two local fishing boards already assisting the man.

Youghal RNLI at sea.

Two RNLI crew members boarded the boat and assessed the victim who was then taken aboard the lifeboat and brought back to shore where he encountered a family member waiting for him.

The sailor required no further medical treatment and his vessel was towed to its nearby mooring and moored.

Mark Nolan, Youghal RNLI’s volunteer deputy launching authority, said after the call: “The tragedy was averted today because this gentleman had the good sense to wear a life jacket and wear some form of communication. .

“If he had not, the result could have been much more serious. I would also like to thank the crew of the two local ships who were the first on the scene and who came to their aid today.”

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