Young bunnies are looking for a forever home, from Watford Animal Rescue Center

Good morning! I am Beauty and this is my sister Belle. We are cute six week old girls looking for a new home to jump into! We were brought to the National Animal Welfare Trust a few weeks ago because our owner had too many rabbits.

As we are still very young and finding our way in life, everything is new and interesting, so we are very curious and want to explore everything. We love to play with toys and always run to greet people when they approach us.

We are very happy to be handled if people are careful and we will be happy to snuggle up for a hug once you have us in your arms.

We have a lot of energy and often zoom*, so we will need some space to exercise. We can live indoors or outdoors if we have enough secure space.

When it comes to food, hay or grass (but not cuttings) is the most important food for us and we love our vegetarian treats.

We can live with children if they are supervised by an adult when they handle us. We can even live in a household with other animals if we are separated.

Watford Observer:

If you think we could be your bunnies, come cuddle with us in the center. Email [email protected] or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2) to arrange a viewing!

* Zooms are what happy bunnies do when we’re excited and want to play – we go a little overexcited, running and hopping.

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