Zuber Realty’s pet food drive fills the shelves of Logan’s heroes

To celebrate National Pet Insurance Month in September, Zuber Realty and Zuber Insurance have teamed up with Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue in East Greenville, Pa. To restock their shelves of food and supplies that benefit a variety of animals that have lost their homes.

“Logan’s Heroes was very grateful to receive our donations,” noted Officer and Community Outreach Committee Chair Jody Dolansky. “We have stocked their dog food storage closet with over 100 different items, from dog and cat food and treats to rabbit bedding, toys and bedding,” she said. for follow-up.

“We are especially grateful to the Ladies Auxiliary at Liberty Fire Company, New Berlinville, PA, and K-9 Cottage, a dog day care center, Pottstown, PA for their generosity,” JoCarol Zuber, Zuber Insurance Certified Insurance Advisor added .

The Zuber Insurance office was the drop-off point in Boyertown for donations. Zuber Realty’s satellite office in Royersford provided a second location. “Our insurance office in Boyertown was filled with donations that we gladly accepted,” Zuber explained. “It was very heartwarming and showed the love and loyalty people feel for their pets.”

Ashely Jeshonek, Administrator of the TriCounty PLUS Assessment Department; Christine Baringer, founder of Logan’s Heroes; Jody Dolansky, Officer and Chair of the Richard A. Zuber Realty Community Outreach Committee.

The Mutts-N-Munchies event, held in East Greenville on October 2, 2021, provided a fun day for dogs and their families with great food, vendors, animal portraits and dog treats, ”Constable Allison Heist said. Food trucks and a free reusable shopping bag were provided. A free doggie bag, a bowl of water and special dog treats were offered with the purchase of a VIP passport during the event.

“Pets are a family; Feeding and caring for them are essential services. And sometimes when times are tough, a little extra help providing food and supplies for dogs, cats, small animals and livestock is needed, ”Dolansky said.

“And, just like the rest of our family, our pets sometimes need medical attention, and it can be expensive,” noted JoCarol Zuber, licensed insurance advisor, of plans to meet different needs, ”a- she continued.

For more information on pet insurance, visit the Zuber Insurance website, www.zuberinsurance.com; call 610-323-3300, or email JoCarol Zuber or Collette Moyer: [email protected].

Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue
Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue was founded by Chris Baringer, an experienced animal rescuer and also a trained police officer for Pennsylvania, in 2014 to help save the overwhelming number of unwanted commercial herding dogs and those in shelters for kill at high volume. The organization is entirely based on foster families for their dogs to give them the time they need to find the right partner for a permanent home. The rescue is named after a beloved deceased German Shepherd puppy named Logan who was raised by Baringer many years ago.

Baringer’s 20 years of animal rescue experience helped the nonprofit grow rapidly from December 2014. The organization went from dogs and cats to home organization to a 54-acre farm with the goal of keeping large animals safe – horses, cows and pot-bellied pigs.

The goal of Logan’s Heroes Farm is to expand farm animal rescue efforts. Their plan includes adding more shelters and fences for large animals like horses, cows, goats and pigs. The organization already has township approval to add another barn, indoor arena, arena and quarantine field for newcomers to prevent the spread of disease. Once these buildings are in place, the organization will seek a mental health professional to help them set up a veterans program using rescued farm animals as a form of therapy.

Fundraising is underway, Logan’s Heroes’ first project for the farm is the Pig Pen and Friends project. The goal of the project is to raise $ 100,000 to rebuild a dilapidated building on the farm to safely house more flat bellied pigs, add a fence and more fences for the rescues of three cows ( Ella, Jolene and Amber) and to build a new barn for Nemo, a very large market pig who survived a fire two years ago. To date, the rescue has raised $ 25,000 for the project and construction of the first phase is expected to begin in January 2022. Donations are always welcome and necessary to continue the rescue efforts. Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue is a completely voluntary organization and volunteers are always needed and welcome to help the organization grow.

“It’s hard to get support for big animals, but my 20-year vision is to leave a legacy of helping all animals in need while providing veterans with a safe place to work and heal. need, trauma suffered while serving our country. “

The current Baringer menagerie consists of 2 dogs, 4 foster dogs and 4 foster cats. The rescue is currently caring for animals in more than 40 foster homes. Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue can accommodate up to 80 dogs and cats in foster homes, and also supports 3 horses, a pony, a mini horse, three cows, two goats, eight flat bellied pigs and Nemo, the big pig when cultivating. Donations can be made on the Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue website www.LHARinc.org or by sending a check to Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue 9411 Kings Highway, East Greenville, PA 18041.

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